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David Mitchell
Busan, South Korea, United States
May 4, 2009
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Not much to say...I'll let my ten dogs do the talking...and the thinking. I have noticed that my dogs are having improved communication among themselves since I ruled myself out of the pack. They, like me, always enjoy a game or two. My dog Mickey, as of late, has seen his rating soar almost 50 points. Mic is not a bad player, he just gets distracted and makes some Bozo moves. I depend on it. I beat him every time. Not exactly something to brag about. You can't go out and tell people you just out maneuvered your dog in a chess game. I have another dog named Mimi.


She is a nasty little thing. Always attacking me from the rear. Mimi's game is about the same as mine but she has that Terrier attitude. My vet gave her to me already traifnfed in chess basic moves. Going on, that was a relief. Already she is my rival when it comes to chess. She sits across from me and constantly snarles at me. Try playing an opponent like that. The rest of the pack is not much interested in chess. They are just a lazy pack of good-for-nothing lay-abouts.


In May, 2016 my wife and I decided to sell our house and property and move to South Korea. In less than a month we were able to find a buyer for our property and move, lock, stock and barrel. We moved to Busan, South Korea's second largest city located on the east coast of the peninsula of Korea. We were able to buy an apartment overlooking the East Sea. We live on the 31st floor of an upscale high rise located next to Trump World. Our neighborhood is clean and safe. We brought five of our dogs with us. I am enjoying my life as a retired person. Several members of my wife's family live next door in Trump World to include twin boys aged nine. I teach English conversation to the boys everyday and play chess with them. Both of them are good players and regularly beat me. Sometimes they play the dogs and win about half the time. I have noticed that Mimi doesn't snarl at the boys like she snarls at me. Go figure...

Sad news in our household. Mimi passed away a short time ago. Actually, she was chewing on a piece of rawhide and choked on it. I was visiting Washington state and Oregon on vacation and heard the sad news when I returned to Busan. Mimi was a dog with an attitude but quite smart for a dog and one dog gone good chess player. The day before I left for America she and I were at the board playing a few games. I am sad to say I lost all three games to her. She took great glee in whipping me. It seemed to make the rest of the pack happy that I lost and she won. But I am a man of resilience and bounced back. I am just sorry I will never have the opportunity to play her again. I must say, she was great fun the way she used to try and intimidate me. Mimi has given me many memories. I will miss her greatly.

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