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Sébastien Lebel

Miramichi, Canada
Jun 26, 2013
Last Login
Dec 20, 2015
Hi guys ! My wildest dream is to teach chess proffesionaly. My main language is french. I am a 7th grade student born in 2001 ( 13 years old) I started playing chess when I was 5 years old. And it is my passion :) And I was playing and sharing and learning on this site for not a very long time. My estimated FIDE rating is 1675. My highest rating in chess mentor is 1780. I haven't went on any chess.com tournaments yet but I have already went in alot of OTB tournaments before. :) Just so you know the 1675 elo rating is my estimated rating by the chessmaniac site. People keep lying about my rating... So you shouldnt believe them when they keep telling you my rating is some weird low rating. ;) I know that alot of you guys want to see my games so, I will give you a game. Me vs a 2157 rated player : http://www.chess.com/analysis-board-editor?diagram_id=1651314 I have great pleasure to help people and advertising people on chess.com by posting awesome blogs and forum series like My good games and interesting positions series :) And I also enjoy coaching my fellow students. If you are a new member or a experienced member with questions, Go ahead and ask me :) Perhaps you will see me in a forum, a blog. And you wont regret joining this group if you like my forums, my blogs or my games or if you are on my friend list ! http://www.chess.com/groups/home/sebleb-friends
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