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NM ShahxaibKhan

Shahxaib Khan Abbasi

Nazimabad-Karachi, Pakistan
Oct 19, 2013
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15 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 4, 2016

Hello everyone, My name is Shahxaib Khan. I'm a National Master and professional Chess Coach. Apart from playing chess, I'm a professional Mechanical Engineer and Masters degree holder in business administration.
I started chess in mid 2012 aged 21?! when one of my Engineering mate introduced me to it at the end of semester and I was beaten for straight seven days which made me sick. That was the beginning of the never ending journey, I committed to get to the top of country and to the earn a first GM ever in Pakistan. I was then coached by country's top International Master which put me right on track & here i'm right on my way to achieve the glory. Since then I've won dozens of local (departmental and zonal tournaments) winning top NM's and achieved 2nd and 6th position in Provincial and National Championships respectively and earning my NM title in March 2018.

As a Chess Coach:

I've coached a number of youngsters locally and their substantial progress gave me confidence to coach students internationally. But, I'd like to be honest, I can't bring wonders to your chess but I can promise that you will be far ahead in Chess then you ever were, and you will find a different, more confident version of player in yourself.

I focus on psychologically preparing a player to get better and after a thorough investigation of a player, a comprehensive study plan will be devised to eliminate the core weaknesses. Game analysis of your important tournament/online games can also be done. I'll be sharing my personal experience of how I achieved mastery within 3 years of progressive study, and how anyone else with some determination level can achieve the same. Students rated below 1800 chess.com will find my coaching very effective. Coaching fee is 10~15$/hour and negotiable. My mode of communication is English and Urdu. I can give demo lesson as well at Skype so you can get to understand my accent. 

I can & I will make a difference to your Chess. Don't hesitate and PM me for more details.

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