I am a metallurgical engineer by profession. I recently left employment with a large mining company in Zambia and I am now consulting mainly in metals and mineral trading, but also in metallurgy. I am married with one son, and my wife is also an engineer, who also has a postgraduate degree in Education for Sustainability. My interests include sports (almost all of them! but mainly soccer), writing, reading, current affairs, martial arts, Christian history and of course chess. I used to be an active league player many years ago in the local chess league which was quite competitive. Unfortunately, presssure of work made me stop playing. Now with a bit of time on my hands I am enjoying playing again. I love playing chess because it is such a challenging and stimulating game. It makes me exercise my mind, and calms me,even when I lose! But most importantly it allows me to socialise and make friends. I cannot say I have a particular favourite opening, but I generally like d4 openings.