halulooo ppl, my name is shruthisriya am 100000000000000000000 yrs old and i have been playing chess since 2020 and my rating is 900 and am trying to reach 1100,hope will reach soon. Am from India, Tamil Nadu,Chennai. I can speak Tamil and Malayalam somewhat. I love Radhakrishna as u can see and am a big cricket fan and mah fav cricketer is MSD plus I lob IPL cuz I started watching cricket only cuz of IPL 2019 and I eventually started loving cricket. Am a Harry potter fan too. And I LOB Kpop, especially BTS , am an army and mah bias is baby tiger taeeeeee and I love the other members so much, I love all their songs and #ARMY4Ever!!πŸ’œπŸ’œΒ - this was like on Jan 2020 ig, and am the girl wearing pink dress doing that starting baby voice, ofc I look different now, I was smoll dat time.Β 

And if ur bored send me a frnd request, am always jobless and free to chat :>

my hobbies: swimming,chess,drawing,painting,singing, reading,cycling and chatting.

things i love: my internet,laptop nd phone. (jk lol, i love everything around me)

things i hate: my brother maybe lol . IDK MANE

i have lolchess acc (lichess). ye i call it lolchess. my lc id :- shruthisriya and my Dc Id :- sugarplum#9503

and i love radhakrishna