Hey there! Welcome to my profile. My username on is @Simi09 but you can call me Simi .I post about chess and other stuff on my blog you can go check it out. Simi09 's blog . I am a slow writer btw. So you will have a bit of long wait : ( 

I also play on lichess. If you want to challenge me on lichess ask me either in the notes below, PM me if you want or you can ask me in the private chat. I will be more than happy to accept it.happy.png

Few things about me:-

Favorite colour - Yellow and blue💛💙

Favorite animal - cats

Chess personality-( according to ) Prodigy 

Favorite time control to play - 15+10 and 3+0

That's all for now. I will update this as time flys by. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being friends with me and viewing me. Send a friend request if you aren't my friend. I accept most of them.

See ya.