Jun 4, 2007
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11 days ago

Embrace The Knights of the Round Table Code of Chivalry: To never lay down arms, To seek after wonders, When called upon, to defend the rights of the weak with all one's strength, To injure no one, Not to attack one another, To fight for the safety of one's country, To give one's life for one's country, To seek nothing before honour, Never to break faith for any reason, To practice religion most diligently, To grant hospitality to anyone, each according to his ability, Whether in honour or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals. I am passionate about the Royal Game of Chess. Daily involvement in some capacity and steady improvement is my aim. Further, I find the Chess community a myriad of very interesting souls. I am proud to be a member and hope that I can contribute to our community in a meaningful way.