JudeNYC the greatest chess player in the universe

Built own bot with these Algo (lines of code in Java)
- to win, make more moves .... if (black) count +1 move at beginning
   (note: a repeated move is not a move at all)
- control more squares  ∴ more pieces left in game to make more moves
- always be in the better position (trade to be in better position if needed, if equal material)
- own a square that is important to your opponent, (regardless if their pieces is on that square or not) ... move your pieces around to own the square 

- when playing Mr. suprHotDogg always play fast

- when you do score card at world championship just draw a line, it's faster 
- akaNemsko is better than she looks 

0. check their king
0.1 capture best piece, allowing to be in best position
0.2 threats (protect any threats)
0.3 never let a 10 year kid from NYC beat you again
0.4 Always protect (reinforce) a square that opponent can win that position
0.5 castle king to safety when no advantage move can be made
0.6 move your piece into position that it can "control" more squares
0.7 eliminate their center control (w / equal trade)
0.8 defend the defender of another pieces
1. knight counter knight when their attacking (forces them to trade or retreat)
2. when trading queen (or other of equal) take with piece that can take again
3. when two attackers (focus on same square) don't protect, trade if possible
4. reinforce square their pieces can win (if able to do # 3 then its best to reinforce this way)
5. force trade to win position == control more square
6. move queen to position where it defend 2 other pieces & can also attack
7. get pieces into position to protect a flanking-square (even if it wastes 3 moves)
8. pin (freeze) the piece that can mate your king 
9. move your piece to a square to force their piece to move to a square you want them to move to
10. don't let the queen fork your king & rook (even with a pawn protecting Rook) bishop can come in to assist
11. move Rook into a pin if one is available (2 of their major piece in align - pin it)
12. move Queen to position where it has multiple attach angle
13. if pinned, move Queen to position that can dodge pin, but also retake 
14. when Rook vs Rook, protect your line of pawns w / Rook
15. protect a square so no pawn can push (or open for another pawn to push )
16. when King is pin, move pieces so to castle into safety
17. a Queen should never be used as a protector. move another piece in to be the protector
18. you you own a square take it & get the position. eg - 3 vs 2 2 vs 1 on a square (but take 1st with one that force their hand)
19. don't move the defender of the pin
20. look for the fork when one is safely able to make
21. double up Rook to attach when appropriate
22. protect all pawns - no hanging pawns unless bigger reward by the sacrifice
23. don't retake if able to move another piece into position and also check the king (can still take later)
24. to protect the center 4, a knight is better than a pawn, as it also control more squares
25. move into position is better than retake right away (if they can not capitalize on their last move)
26. willing to scarify to get pieces into position. (for example one that can pin their queen or king) 
27. get out of the pin as fast a safely possible
28. when two piece attacking a square of importance position, reinforce & protect that square
29. sometime it's better to use their piece as a blocker than to take right away
30. Stop the push. move pieces into place that won't allow them to push (for an attack)
31. position piece to protect a file or diagonal so as they can not move / advance their pieces in for the attack
32. trade pieces of equal if you force a major piece to the side where that pieces can no longer advance but must retrace
33 . stop all forward movements or angle of attack developments possible. (use your pieces to protect those square)
34. after they moved a piece and control a new square, reinforce that square as not to lose position (superiority) 
35. push away a piece that is sitting there blocking the free movement of King / or other important pieces
36. if King move in / forward counter King's movement with your own king if needed
37. reinforce a square / piece with another piece (2x) if it's reinforcer can be push away 
38. move into position to capture all hanging pieces (unprotected pieces)


how to lose to Spassky Game 3 (first game)
1.never take a pawn and trap your bishop in a cage

how to beat a Spassky 6

1.Prevent their center pawn from pushing with Knight

2. don't fear lost of pawn if our bishop can retake safely, but stop that pawn from pushing (Queen's gambit decline) - 1st time in B. Fishcher career with white

3.Prevent their knight from pushing with your knight

4.bait their pawn with bishop to destroy their 3 pawn-king's protection shield

5. double reinforce center pawn with your pawn trade pawn (s) & others so that queen is in bad position

7. cut off a dia line with queen / pin Queen if opportunity opens up with your queen

8.use bishop to freeze their knight

9. don't move your bishop if they can not take (even when threaten)

10. sacrifice your pawn, causing them to double up their pawns (don't give them a pin)

12. tri-angular their pawn position with your bishop and queen

13. again move pawn to prevent Knight from pushing

14. keep knight at bay again with your pawn. 

15. seal off King's escape before moving in the attack

-trade pieces so that they can't triangular you if you are up on pieces (one queen along can not corner)

-never rely on your opponent to block for you, they can always move and place you in peril