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Sarel Corrie
Upington, South Africa
Nov 26, 2008
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Apr 2, 2014

I'm completely addicted to chess. I just can't get enough of it. I'm now nearing my 2000 chess game at chess.com. If I achieve this mark, it will be in less than a year. This meant that I've finished more than 5.5 games per day!!! Anybody out there that also have done it? Well, I've done 2000 games in less than a year, in 11 months. My best win were against Tom543 with a rating of 1774. I nearly bettered it against Laurat with a rating of 1771 on the 10th of October. My most frequent opponent is barnbybob (12W, 7L, 3D) with 22 games. My most losses against the same opponent is Salvador Moncholi with 17 losses (I've never beaten him). My highest ranking during this time were 1447 (30 Aug 2009) and the ranking of my average opponent is 1340. When I won, my opponent average ranking were 1232; when I lost, my opponent's ranking were 1412 and when I had a draw my opponent's ranking were 1305. I'm now looking forward to the next 1000 games, but it will be much slower because of exams and other responsibilities. Today, I reached my 1 year mark with chess.com. In this year I've played 2142 Standard chess games as well as 2 chess960 games. My average opponents rating was 1338 points. I've won 879 games and lost 1171 and draw 92 standard chess games. I'm really looking forward to the next year with chess.com. My next milestone had been reached when I had won my 1000th game on chess.com!!! I have done that! I'm now at my 1000 win for tournament games mark. In the meantime, I've better the mark for a highest ranking player win by beating corum at 1920. I'm now nearing my 3000 games mark. In the meantime I've bettered the highest ranking player, but it doesn't count in my book because it was a time-out on a 1 day move game.

Today, 7 July 2010, I've reached my 3000 games on chess.com mark. My statistics are at follows:

Win 1274 (42%); Lost 1600 (53%); Draw 126 (4%)

I've played 2998 ordinary and 2 Chess960 games. My average rating when I won is 1234, lost 1404 and draw 1315 and the average rating of all my opponents are 1333. My most frequent opponent was jemenfoot with 42 games. My best win are against Ice_Jet (2188). I've entered in 283 tournament events with 20 1st places, 3 2nd and 3 3rd places. My tournament points are 2248Cool

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