# Main principle of BUGHOUSE realtime DOUBLE(s) CHESS: #
# TIME determine when TO PLAY, POSITION when TO SIT (and think) ! #
# Number of moves on both boards should be about the same ! #

Time control 3 0 (or X 0 in general) is obsolete for all chess variants including bughouse doubles chess, same way as 5 0 is obsolete for standard blitz chess, where most people prefer time control with some time per/for move like 3 2 etc. It's only a matter of time before new players realize that a 3 0 bughouse is actually the same as a 1 0, plus annoying waiting, and most will stop playing the bughouse because it places it among the disciplines suitable mainly for young people fast with a computer mouse and lag-free internet. It is also no wonder that many young enthusiastic bughousists later completely abandoned this game. Compare it to blitz chess, which can be entertained and promoted by all generations, whole families. This is much closer to what we in Europe call sustainable development, right?

Anti(f)lag tourneys:

What is worse than lag ? Not knowing that lag is right now. Unfortunately this server don't logging lags per move. So You never know how big lag is/was and You can lose many games without realizing that its because of (random) lags. Also You never know if players are slow or just lagging ...

Are You interested in higher quality of moves? Discover beauty of bughouse chess combinations in real time but not in insane speedSee project, where You can play also time controls allowing slower game, without last seconds flagging. Or play simul on both boards. With unique complete 2 boards lag compensator. Also "wild bughouse chess" ie alternative start positions are possible now happy.png All what we are afraid will be never implemented here.