Aug 30, 2007
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Dec 25, 2015
I like playing Chess. I first learned how to play at the age of fifteen. I 've been playing off and on since. I try NOT to get emotionally involved with this game of Chess. It's very easy to do this. If I do, then I'm taking the game very seriously. Not good. To begin with, I get NOTHING in return except RECOGNITION. So, why get emotional about it and feel DEVASTATED if you lose. I feel that the game should be enjoyed and NOT taken to heart.. It's not worth the trouble. You either have the talent for excellence, or you don't. It'll show sooner or later. Slim 6744 I try to play a smart game. I always move my pieces, usually in REACTION to my opponent's moves. Every one of my moves has to COUNTER his moves. It's like a choreography of dance. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Chess is a game of a "hostile take over" syndrome. EAch Chess move takes it's turn. And each turn will put you in an advantage or disadvantaged situation.... leading to "cornering" your opponent's KING and the final "capture". Interesting. slim6744