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I started learning chess at 11 years of age and became serious and had a full time coach from 13. My coaches inculcated in me a growth mindset and attacking play. My peak chess performance was reached in about 3 years of professional stint. I played mostly in Andhra Pradesh (combined then), India and I was the state championships in Under-14, Under-15, Under-19 and state official championships. 

I continued playing semi-professionally after joining college and won several collegiate and University championships. I was the captain for the Andhra university and our team got into top 10. I was also captain for the Gitam college team which won the intercollegiate all 4 years. During this period I also started coaching other students and a kid who I coached won national under-7 championship. 

After few years I came to the US and played in a few tournaments and with in couple of years I got the NM title. 

Coaching style

While I coach at various levels, my skill and passion shines for committed players who want to compete in tournaments. My focus in teaching will be on practical OTB play with analysis of previous games and retrospection. I teach skills that avoid making blunders and improvement from each serious tournament game. I specialize in middle game and attacking style because I believe this brings rapid development. 

I am a firm believer the game of chess teaches both mental stability and analytical ability. It brings about confidence, sportsmanship and at the same time develops work ethic. My coach has this favorite quote, "even if the opponent is a world champion, he has the same set of pieces and has to work with the same rules to defeat you". You are in control of your game, its a great equalizer. 

Currently my focus is on teaching my young son and hence my rates are very low because he accompanies me during the class. 

A quote from a 12 yr old student's parent "Thanks to your coaching, he has been showing more interest in chess than anything else so far"

Coaching logistics


Recently I have been getting a lot of coaching requests but many balk at my rates. I live in Seattle, USA where the minimum wage for unskilled labor is $15/hr, so rates would be higher than that. If that's too high, please do not contact me. 

Location preference: 
I am primarily looking for students in Sammamish, WA area for in person classes. I can do online lessons for motivated students over skype.