Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Jan 24, 2009
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                  When they make the movie about my life, this song will be the opening credits on the soundtrack. Chillin'       Let's Dance ... For the woman who haunts my dreams ...      My Son's name is Midnight ...   My daughter's name is Melissa ...   Their mother's name is Katie ...  Let me share  a little philosophy with you ...  Never forget who you are, who's in charge, and where you're heading.  My God directs and empowers me. Remember that Faith can, in fact, move mountains. Live Free and Ride Hard         Reality is an illusion.  Choose your best reality and make it come true.  Remember that science is not God.  It is only one of the languages He speaks. Everybody come get your peyote buttons and then ...we're gonna do the monkey chant!   How about a little Kickass Viking Rock and Roll?   Now let's say you're back home, with the Mrs. and all the little baby vikings and you want to chill a little after a hard day of pillaging and burning ...        How about some blues?   OK so Smokey, you're a Single, Dancing, Christian, Viking, Biker, Father and you like the Blues and some freaky psychedelic music.  Tell us.  Are you a total Bad Ass biker or do you have any other hobbies? Well I guess I do like to cook.  I'm even an official Chuckwagon Master for my motorcycle club.   OK, so let's pretend you're asking Smokey what he liked to do when he was young and would still do if he were not old with messed up knees. I guess not a whole lot has changed.  Bikers and longboarders both like getting out and carving up some lonely stretch of highway while enjoying the beauty of God's creations in the land around us.
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