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Snowy (other names: Tbird, Will)

Southeast, United States
Apr 16, 2017
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Greetings friends; amazing chess.com members. Thank you for visiting my page. If you comment on my profile, I'll be sure to respond in a range of 24 hours. You may call me Snowy. Please read on if you want to learn more about me. happy.png

When I started to play chess with my older brother... I thought, "man this is one boring game." I always lost. Until one day... in January of 2017, me and my brother found this computer game called "Majestic Chess." There, I learned a little past the basics of chess, and then it became interesting to me. As a few months went by, I decided I wanted something a little bit more. Not just computers, but people! Real people. So I joined Chess.com. For the past two years I have been learning more and more about chess and gaining in knowledge about it. I have definitely improved; by lessons, tactics, many daily games, and by friends giving me tips. Now I regret not liking chess back then. But hey! That is in the past. Now I am a huge chess fan! Here is some beginners information about me:

I love to chat and make friends so if you want to be my friend, go ahead and punch that button with all your might! I am funny and friendly so don't be shy to say something random! I am teenager of 14 years old and my birthday is 11/18. I have been playing chess since I was 7. When I started, I wasn't sure I was going to like it very much. In fact, I didn't. But then I joined chess.com. Thank you chess.com for making me love chess!

Chess.com Related:

I am not on live often, but I am starting to go back there to play timed games and other variants. I usually just do daily and will only accept challenges if I have under 20 games (usually; now it's if I have under 50. When I get over 50, I will take a break and wait for them to drop back down).

I will accept all friend requests except those with bad language and those who bully kids.

If I offend or bother you by any chance, please PM me and we can settle this privately.

If I have not been online in a while, it will be because of one of these three things: 

  1. Something is really wrong with me.
  2.  I am on a vacation.
  3. I just am taking one of my excuseless breaks from chess.com.

All three of those are very uncommon.

I love to socialize with new friends and join clubs, so if you would like more members in your club, throw an invite at me; I'll likely accept it.

Fun facts:

My dream is to be a songwriter. I write songs very often and would love to show you one if you send a PM.

Similarly, I am currently writing a story. You may read it if you like. This too I will show by PM. I might post it in a blog someday though.

In real life, I tend to be a little more shy though I love to talk. I am an outgoing shy person. However, here I feel better and tend to not be afraid to get laughed at.

My friends in real life that are on chess.com are @Attackaustin, @Barnzy_is_me, and @FriskyHobo. They don't seem very active nowadays... my brother is @JesusFreak700.

My best friends on chess.com are: @Garry_Fish52, @eryxc, @Green_Sleeves, @MainframeSupertasker, and @TheBlackStallion (Just because you are not listed it doesn't mean your not a wonderful friend.)

Two great friends of mine that I've had for a long time are @Josephyossi, and @Gm_Chess_Player. They deserve shout outs. happy.png

I am a Christian and am unashamed to let you know of it.

I am gratefully homeschooled.

I play the drums and the piano. I guess I could say I'm okay at both.

I am a huge fan of Pokemon and Mario games.


  1. My favorite colors are black and red.
  2. My favorite songs are Real by NF and Best News Ever by Mercyme.
  3. My favorite artists are Mercyme, NF, and Ashes Remain.
  4. My favorite books are Calico CaptiveThe Bronze Bow, and Raising Dragons/The Candle Stone.
  5. My favorite Genre of music is Christian Hard Rock.
  6. My favorite movie is I Can Only Imagine.
  7. My favorite games are Pokemon Y, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart Wii.
  8. My favorite TV shows are Mr. Young and Pokemon XY/BW.
  9. My favorite number is 13. 8 is my "lucky" number.


Someone once told me I will never improve... I lack something serious and can't obtain it according to my games played... I will not listen to their words... I CAN improve.

"Do not judge someone's maturity and age by their first impression. Find out more about them. Then you may judge them." - Me

"I want everyone in this world to be in peace with each other." - Modified version of a quote by N from a video game. (man do people from video games have great, influencing quotes!)

"Jesus answered, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life'." - John 14:6

"And these three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love." - Corinthians 13:13. (my favorite Bible verse!)

Favorite game of each variant:

3 Check: https://www.chess.com/live#g=3624573071

KOTH: https://www.chess.com/live/game/3623441639



My Farewell:

Thank you for coming to my page and reading all of this! Remember to friend me if you haven't and comment as well. (optional, but it's very appreciated.) wink.png Also remember to never ever give up on playing chess! It's fun, and helps you in many ways.  Keep on keeping on!

Last edited: 4/24/19


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