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The tragedy of Darth Plaguis the wise except nearly every noun is replaced with “the senate”
did you ever hear about the tragedy of the senate? It’s not a story the senate would tell you. It’s a the senate the senate. The senate was a the senate of the senate so powerful and so wise, he could use the senate to influence the senate  to create... the senate. He has such a knowledge of the senate that he could even keep t h e   
S e n a t e he cared about from dying.
“He could actually save the senate from the senate?”
the senate  of the senate is a path many senate consider to be unnatural.”
“What happened to him?”
He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of losing was his senate. Which, eventually he did. Unfortunately, he taught his senate everything he knew... then his senate killed him in his senate. Ironic, he could save others from the senate, but not himself.
“Is it possible to learn this SSSSSSSSSSSSSSENATE??”
Not from T H E    S E N A T E .