Feb 20, 2010
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What the general theory of crises suggests 1. The causes of crises are rooted deeply in the very nature of capitalism, in its basic contradiction - between the strengthening social character of production and the private-property form of appropriation that, in pursue for profit, - leading to anarchy in production. It means, that the substantial cause of the crisis is hidden in the contradiction between the labour and the capital. When we tell about the contradiction between the labour and the capital, we first of all imply the contradiction between the end of capitalist production, i.e. the production of surplace value and the application of the socialised labour of immediate workmen, the employed workers, for production and reproduction. The purpose of the capitalist production is the extraction of the surplace value. The capitalist production is dominated by anarchy and antagonisms, that bring us to an unlimited expansion of the capitalist production. The very capitalist relations and the purpose of the capitalist production become an obstacle to the umlimited expansion of production.
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