romeo yambao
california, United States
Jan 22, 2008
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I work at the Special Service section of SFO International airport under AirServ. During my free time I love to watch DVD movies, play video games, or read books. I am an optimist and believe in the power of prayers. I plan to take up course related to hospital work in the future. I learn to play chess at 11 and my favorite player is the late Bobby Fischer. I am an attacking player and avoids complicated closed positions. I always open with E4 when I am white, and defends with C5 against E4 when I am black. I didn't play chess for several years and the interest to play again came back (thanks to I played several tournaments in the past and reach an ELO of 1800-plus. But now chess is just a hobby for me,and unlike before where I hate losing the game.

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