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United States
Jun 16, 2013
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2 hrs ago

"You're beaten.  Surrender now and we can provide amenities for your queen.  Unfortunately, do to the hostilities of this conflict - which you instigated by making the first capture of our pawn - who was in fact our ambassador of good will sent to offer nothing but peace - it is because of  you and your war that we have not had the resources to provide the niceties which your queen has demanded.  Our pawns in the field are suffering and we simply can not divert those resources to a queen who is responsible for this situation in the first place. 

I would like to move her from the general population to a private cell, provide toiletries, fresh food, a warm blanket, protection from our soldiers who have lost friends and family. 

And your horses, they are seen as food among my men and I can't promise that they won't be used as such. 

Your bishops are seen as an offense to many of the people, they are seen as providing the cause' celeb that is the underpinnings of this conflict.  They simply are not seen as being under the protection of the Geneva Captured Pieces Protection Convention and are at the whim of those who are guarding them.

All you need do is resign, and these men can have their religious itens, their clerical garments, their prayer books and access to the chapel and I will have the resources to provide extra guards from the angry peasants. 

Continue this conflict and I can not be held responsible.  This is on you, your choice. 

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