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Feburary '11 ...on the down low now with finishing games up and taking a brief break to gather forces. Lots of writing and few pictures here to share. If you are here ya might wanna check out my blog...my thoughts on chess, life and a little window into my crazy world. Pictures of my life. Its all here and this site is my favorite. Good hunting, chess playing and enjoying this wonderful world we live in. And some ways live it through the game of chess.

2011- I made it here, in January and many friends, happy moments and times on chess.com. I think this is one of the best websites on the planet. You can tell Eric I said that, he is the creator and owner. As for me I am a lowly printer by trade delivering printed prouducts and designs internationally and localy window graphics and large signage to busineess and individuals. I am an open networker  and play fast when online. Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook or follow me on twitter. I love to connect and make friends and find solutions or work on puzzels.

A Giants Fan, Happy 2010!  All my best wishes to you and yours for a wonderfully sucessful year ahead. Now world champs of Major League Baseball USA 2010. What a wild ride its been so far. And chess, the great  friends made , and staff made this a wonderful site to love. Here is more on me:

Hey thanks for looking..drop me a line if interests you. I am a  Small business owner for 23 years www.onthemarkprinting.com . Baseball umpire and teacher. Single for last 6 years (wife passed 10/04). Gave up booze (4y ago), cigarettes (5y ago) but still love to party, go to the beach and have fun. Learned chess long ago, after reading a Bobby Fisher book, played off and on for 30+ years and find it one of most pleasant social games to play. I also like to shoot pool for same reason.  My group on here is called Chess Players International. Please give us a check out if you can. Over 200 team members play and chat together, they are a team of chess players who enjoy the international play here.

There are some changes happening with me recently (09/09). I have sold my home, my children will be gone to college soon and I am free from some of the mental baggage that has been with me for years. Now live in city of Pacifica near the pacific ocean. (one year and counting....love living near the beach)

I formed a chess group for those who like to play serious chess and chat too. You are welcome to track or follow me but my chess game nothing to speak up (1200 player) and please join me in our group at:


Thanks for reading and hope you have a pleasantly wonderful day!


A life a long away from me now..but reminds me of life 20+ years ago..always loved the vibe of this song and Buck Dharma lives on forever!