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NM Splane

Mike Splane
San Jose CA, United States
Oct 19, 2007
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20 hrs ago
Supporting member since Feb 22, 2010

My brother taught me the moves twice. When I was five it didn't stick, so I asked him to teach me again when I was eight. I played in my first club tournament at age 18 and first USCF-rated tournament at age 21. Since then I've played over 900 rated games and won or tied for first in over 60 tournaments.

I became a chess master at the age of 29. In 2005 the US Chess Federation awarded me the Life Master title for playing over 300 consecutive games while maintaining a Master rating. The strongest player I've ever beaten is Walter Browne, a six-time US champion.

I have served as an officer in four chess clubs and in two state chess organizations. I also have written extensively on chess. Nowadays I satisfy my journalistic cravings by maintaining a personal chess website.

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