Je suis Mauricien et je parle 5 langues(anglais, français, allemand, grec et latin!)!!!

Ne me faites pas la tronche car je crois en vous qui que vous soyez!

I am a passionate in chess, coding, french language, history, geography, science and maths!

  1. My favourite chess opening: The French Defense (Marshall Variation)
  2. 2.My favourite programming language: Python
  3. My favourite French word: Épanouissement(blossoming)
  4. My favourite historical event: Berlin Wall Fall (November 9 1989)
  5. My favourite concept in science: Entropy
  6. My favourite concept in Maths: Algebraic Geometry
  7. My favourite flag: 🇱🇰(Sri Lanka)

That's all!

I hope that you are doing well!