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Proud administrator of Brighton and Hove Albion Chess, BHANSC of, the Global Football League, and chess.com England Under 1299 Championship winner (joint happy.png).  My best games are always for club and country in daily matches, and I enjoy playing bullet and blitz matches for fun.  In fact its all for fun.  I love organising things and being part of our chess and football community.  Enjoying my chess is more important to me than being as good as I can be at it.  Which is probably a good thing.  Football and chess are like some bizarre mix of flavours to me which shouldnt work together but does.  I'm always up for a game.  Most time controls.  Feel free to challenge me and say hello.  If you have got good sportsmanship and manners, especially are a "soccer" fan and a similar rating you should expect a decently matched game