Danny (Utah) Lewis
Bountiful, United States
Nov 21, 2011
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2 days ago
I learned how to play chess as a boy but never seriously; 2012 is my year to learn. Bountiful, Utah has been home for almost 30 years. Yes we're Mormons but only ONE WIFE; ^ ) and 5 children. My wife and I are from the desert of S. California. I miss the pomegranates, figs, & grapefruit BUT I enjoy Utah's four seasons (snow included at 4,300 ft.), fishing, hunting, Genealogy! and chess with a few of our 15 grandchildren. I raise a garden every year; corn, tomatoes, blackberries, cucumbers, etc. with lots of composting and earthworms. Are you in the market for LIFE INSURANCE? Let me know; access to hundreds of companies for the best rates and "checkmate service". with a smile. *** IF YOU MOVE TOO SLOWLY IN OUR CHESS GAME, I may chat you into submission with more trivia than you want to know!
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