💥Welcome to my bio💥

Just a bunch of shoutouts -

@ShahanAli_Chaudhari (cool friend)

@TheRealWilliam2 (Very cool)

@Springbon_N_Fredbear (Another very cool person)

@KingC9rn (Chill and funny)

@Zestythefifth (Friendly guy) 

@Colourful_pawm (A good friend)

@AturnMarso (Always active in the forum games and nice guy)

@Star_Slash (Super chill and one of my first friends on cc)

@Pegusu (One of the kindest ppl here)

@SilverWolfIsHere (cool guy)

@REVANOFCHESS (one of the first ppl I knew here, cool guy)

@TheRealTorchLit (Chill and cool guy, miss you bro)

@Jaythe10th / Jaythe8th (Nice guy)

@chrstiangirl (Eren Kayla Jane)

@ReecemcD2568 (Friendly guy)

@VvV_ChloeKatsu_VvV (Friendly)

@ZachGod07 (cool and kind bro)

@ackshunbronshun (Nice and chill guy)

@soccerisfunVA (cool guy)

@Woollensck3 (The ruler of OTF)

@RevenantTheCleansed (Uhhh frenemy ig)

@emgp6 / spedUK (cool guy)

@iconic_pixie (nice and cool person)

@Lilyana (cool person)

@LITO13mtz (pretty new but cool)

@PawnStriker_17 (cool dude and very good at chess)


@silver_wolf007 (friendly, and good at games)

@Lizunchikk (coolest russian)



@MikeCruise (Respectful)


@Wacky_Woohoo_Pizza_Man  and @plainbruh (coolest duo of otf)

@TACOC4T471 (🎶🎶)



@MeaslyTurtle56 (Logical guy? idk lol)

@GalaxyGirl253 (friendly)

Chances are that I forgot you cuz I know too many ppl here so DM me if you'd like to be in my bio!

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🏆Da official owner of "Hmmm"🏆

🏆Da official "Lamest Joke"er🏆

🏆Da official simplest chess tactics misser🏆

🏆Da official Math and Science lover🏆

🏆Da official average cuber🏆

🏆Da official MS-Painter🏆

Cool Math/Science Stuff

Made this with desmos graphing calculator -

My first math art piece lol. More to come soon!