Chris Smith
Armageddon, United Kingdom
Sep 5, 2008
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11 hrs ago
I only learned to play by chance. took it seriously though. some 20 years ago. . my rating is 1500+ on a good day. its been that for about 15 years. My ambition is to win a game using a Queen sacrifice. I would like to discuss chess ie, gambits etc, in a sensible way, with other players. Sometimes I play the computer at easy level 1200, I don,t always win. My Tactics Trainer level has never been higher than 1298 but my pass rate is 68%. I must be a bit slow. I don,t seem to be getting any better in general, when i first started i took about 4 months to go from 800 to 1000, then a year to get to 1200 after that i,m not sure, say 3 years to 1500, i seem to be stuck around there. I have no interest in playing blitz or bulletl. 11..jan..13..jan..17..19..jan..22..
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