I am ready to play whoever wants to play me.I love GOD chess, music, and reading. You can say I'm a geek in a way. BURDENED WITH GLORIOUS PURPOSE!!!

D.M. me the word Tomato please.   


99.9% of you won't post this. When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of YOU. If you're one of 0.1% that cares, put this on your profile.


Toss my braids keep going,keeping up with the flow. They said I couldn't do it, said I'd always fall behind. Ignoring what they said I kept Jesus on my mind. And now I'm at the finish line,just about to win. But I have to stop and thank God, it's all because of Him. "NO!" I hear the crowds shout as the victor runs past. "What are you doing! You're gonna finish last!" I know the people in the stands will never truly understand. "You gave up everything!" Screams one. Another shouts "You gave up just to sing?" I know I was doing well in life just about to reach my prime. But something wasn't right. And I knew it all the time. It's Jesus running my life, it was never really me, and if to worship him I must serve, then a servant I will be. Let them pass me and take up all my wealth. Let the thief steal my treasure, and the burglar practice stealth. My reward isn't on earth. Instead I get eternal life because of Jesus' birth. Give up your money, give up your pride, you can run from thieves, but from God you can't hide. You don't need earthly treasure you are more than that to Him. You'll have many more treasures than the ones you get from sin. So let God run you, and the devil run the wicked, lest you hide like Adam in a prickly thicket. You're more than the world will ever rate you, you've got Jesus to confide. You don't need the world when you have Jesus by your side.By @HisLovingServant


My Friends: 

@OzzysTaken: Ozzy, you are my bestie! I love our chats together everyday! You are super nice and can definitely keep a conversation going sometimes! You are one of the few people that I can talk to about drama! Thanks so much for being my friend!!!

@Truth-Finder: Abri, you are so nice and encouraging! You are always available when I need to talk! You are so good at playing the piano and I hope one day we can do a duet together!!! You are sus though, ngl but that's perfectly okay! Thanks for being my friend!

@GreenMoon07: Robert, I miss you so much. I hope you are doing well. You were always so nice and I felt like sometimes you were my #1 supporter on No matter what the others say, you are not sus or trash. Hope to talk to you again!

@thecReacher: @thecReacher, soccer is awesome! I think it's cool that you play it! You are very nice and fun to talk with! I'm glad that we are friends

@JeremihsDisciple: Jaxon, I love talking to you and playing chess with you, even though I time-out everytime lol. It is nice being friends with someone who I also go to school with! You are amazing and I do hope you know that! Thank you so so much for being my friend, even though you know how weird I am lol.

@josephB772: Joseph! You are so funny and nice to talk to! Cheesecake IS the best, ngl, you are correct. Keep loving cheesecake and thanks for being my friend!

@Tactical_Masters: Thomas!!! You are SOOOOO awesome!!! I love debating with you about everything and anything!!! You sure can keep me on my feet, especially when we talk about the Fanwings RP!!!! Thanks so much for being my friend!!!!!!


@PLAGUEATORY: JAAAAACCKKK!!! YOU.ARE.HI-LARIOUS!!!!! Making this profile with you at my slumber party was SOOOO fun!!!!! I love talking to you!!! Thanks for being my crazy friend🤣!!!! 


Friend Quotes:

@Yuji_Yamauchi: "It's time to take a bath with my favorite microwave John.
And my favorite toaster Thomas. I would like to shout-out my legs because they always support me, my hips for being on my side, my ears always listening to me, my hands because I can count on them."

@OzzysTaken: "If you get hurt, hurt 'em back, if you die walk it off"

@thecReacher: "if you reverse the letters of STRESSED, you will find the cure."

@Truth-Finder: "Broken trust is a shattered glass that you have to walk over without getting too cut." 

@HornetCruise: “Maybe its not the life you wanted, but the one God intended” 

@TheWolfMaster37: “Good luck getting through life without pain. Even Christ didn’t. What matters is, what can you do with that pain?” 

@TonyStark5291970: Be careful with who you invest your time in. Wasted time is worse than wasted money.

@randomchessguy52:if you feel down ever, realize, Jack links and Doritos collabed. and Bro hasn't solved chess yet.

@josephB772: "CAKE!!!! especially Cheesecake! might actually be the best thing ever, 𝓪𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓽 𝓯𝓻𝓸𝓶 𝓖𝓸𝓭.Cheesecake might actually be the best thing ever"


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