Jul 14, 2011
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4 hrs ago

Hi, I live in Texas and I am a servant of the Most High God. Just saw Heaven is for real.  Great movie. I highly recommend it. Jesus is Lord and Savior. I also recommend Robert Thoms book, The New Wine is Better. Also, Apostle of Faith, about Smith Wigglesworth is an awesome testimony of faith. I learned chess at age ten from a book.  I have played in 16 tournaments in Texas. Best finish in the Texas Junior Championship at A&M in College Station.  Good luck in all your games.   Just watched God's not Dead.  Its a must see!!  The movie was inspired by a plethora of lawsuits filed on behalf of students who wanted to   express their beliefs without harassment at their university or college.  I have been praying for movies like this for a long time. Another movie of faith is Miracles from Heaven    Also,  Breakthrough, the movie, is worth the time to see what prayer can do in your life.  I have three sons.  Ryan is working on a genetics degree at Texas A&M ,  Michael has a EE degree from UT,  Ronnie is one course from having a math degree, and another having an English degree.  

 Paul,  who wrote most of the new testament, is quoted in the Bible as saying this,  I count it all as loss but for the knowledge of my Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ.