I have been playing competitive chess since 2012 in my local chess club FC Lachendorf.

My father taught me how to move and play a simple opening when I was a teen, then there was a very long break until my son begged me to go with him to the local club. Once there, I was immediately shanghaied to play in the lowest league. After one season of losing every game, I started taking lessons with a coach. Today, I learn exclusively on my own with books, videos and Chessable mostly.

Having reached a FIDE rating of 1430 and leading a team in the Kreisklasse I keep on working to become a better player. At I enjoy VC and daily games very much.

In 2019, I have gained the certificate "C-Trainer Breitensport" which declares me an official chess coach. happy.png

In June 2020, I am entering the world of online chess with a Smartboard.