Oct 2, 2012
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Began playing at chess club at Wichita State University in the 70's. Would often use unorthodox Napolean Attack. Generally preferred Italian. Ocassionally used Nimzo-Larsen Attack. Experimented with Scotch and Vienna. The Kasparov - Anand match interested me in Sicilian Dragon. Toyed with Bird Opening, King's Gambit, and Petroff. Sometimes played Queen openings. Looking forward to retirement in a couple years to resume playing chess.

The tactics format differs from the regular board, so I made a wrong move on a mate in two because I put my finger too high on the square I wanted, but it moved one square above. Now on tactics, I make a move but it gets stuck on “Processing ....“ so I try repeatedly to make the same move but it won’t work. Then I try a different move and it works but it is incorrect and when I try hint, it gives the move I tried the first time.

Now I often know where to move, but I am so tired I end up moving the piece to the wrong square so I have made about 5 incorrect moves in tactics. provided links to add photos and video which popularized their site, but chose to penalize members for using the links. sticks primarily to comments on chess...or literature...or history.