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Please don't send me friend requests unless you message me first, or unless I know you. Also, don't invite me to clubs, unless I know you, or you message me. Thanks!

I am a proud member Brilliant Minds, a club with 200+ members. There are gifted tournaments, daily puzzles, titled players you can play with, many daily matches & vote chess, and a kind and happy environment. If you join, in a short amount of time you will become a Brilliant Mind. Please join the best club in the world!

Hi. I know 11 facts about you:

Fact 1. You are reading this

Fact 2. You can’t say ‘m’ without touching your lips

Fact 3. You just tried it

Fact 4. You’re smiling

Fact 6. Your smiling and laughing again

Fact 7. You did not notice that you missed fact 5

Fact 8. You just checked it

Fact 9. You’re smiling again
Fact 10. You did not notice that “I know 11 facts about you” is a fact

Fact 11. If you like this, you will copy-paste this somewhere else