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Since I will be posting some blogs I thought it would be nice for you to know something about me.

I have been playing chess since 1973 after watching the Fischer vs Spassky match. My dad thought I was a genius when I noticed Fischer's mistake in game one and I've been going downhill ever since ;)

In otb play I am currently fluttering between mid-1900's to mid 2000's.

In 1979 and 1980 I had three tournaments with a perfomance rating above 2430 taking 1st in one, 2nd and 3rd in the other two. The USCF didn't take forgein reults into consideration in those days so I stopped playing for about 11 years.

When I returned to chess it was as a hobby, music and work were my first priorities. But around this time I started writing about chess for some local magazines and have been doing so since.

I am currently a writer for the New Mexico Desert Knight Chess Magazine ( I was at one time the editor for the SACa Piece, the magazine for Arizona chess players. I play in New Mexico from time to time, it's a nice place to vacation and visit with friends. I tied for 1st in the 2011 New Mexico State Championship but since I am from Tucson I could not claim the title - that's fine by me, visiting friends is more of what it is about for me.

I have written for several chess sites but none compare to the coverage I am likely to get form

I have published numerous videos on and if you search the videos for sfarmer29 you will find my collection - there are about 300 of them now.

I have been following the Scorpions and blogging about them for several years now. On the chessvideo web site you will find several videos I have done on the US Chess League (search USCL in the search bar and you will find these videos as well).

I hope you enjoy my writing style. I like to keep things light and easy but am not afraid to delve into deeper content when needed. I try to explain things in plain english (that's the chess coach in me) so that newer players to the game can understand what is going on rather than just showing the "+/-" symbols, like they tell you what is happening.

Feel free to email me or friend me on facebook to be informed of new blogs and videos.

Thank you!