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St. Pierre & Miquelon
Jul 20, 2016
Last Login
4 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jul 21, 2016

UPDATE: I am just here to clean some stuff and do some quick visits here, no chess or any cooperation here. I am still following my agenda below. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Note: I will be inactive and will stop playing chess for 2 years. I will be restarting everything that I learned and I won't see any of you guys here. I am sorry, but I have to stop playing chess for my more important things. I want to let you guys know that many of the members lack respect for each other as well lack empathy and sportsmanship. I have notably improved a lot by my GM coach, but I lately had gotten worse and disorganized and school/my future is still a far away path that I will need to pursue in order to stabilize my life in order to continue playing chess. I had fought to the very end and lost my streak. I wounded myself as a warrior.

Chess is just a game and a hobby for me, so nothing too much to say about it. 

Thank you friends for letting me stay by and hang out with you. You guys rock too. I will get worse in chess and will need to go to square one for a more effective learning method. Thanks to all my friends,@erik, and you for making this a better site for me to have fun and improve my chess. I will upgrade my skills to be better. (Also thanks to Rashad Babaev my GM coach for helping me and @Gustafsson21 for also helping me to improve my chess as well he was the person who introduced to me in chess.

I liked all you guys and you guys made me happy and smiled. I must work hard to create a better life path and it will be a long time I won't see you guys again, I am deeply sorry, but life isn't about chess. No tactics, no blogs, no fourms, no OTB, no tournaments, no 24/7 help, and absolutely no chess.

See you in 2 years if possible.

Rest in peace 2016-2019.


- Sun-and-Moon

P.S. I am still cleaning my mess here. Anyone who performs abhorrent poor sportsmanship regardless of the results or even not playing with me will be blacklisted right away. Be careful.

-P.S.S. If you play blitz, bullet, rapid without increment, or one-day daily chess, it also means that you are playing AGAINST the clock too. Don't blame me for my pushing if you can't win me as this is part of the thrill and the heat. Grow up and don't show you are mad at me, learn from your anger and improve your chess.

-P.S.S.S. If you hate me or my community, then you will not be welcome to my board.

-P.S.S.S.S. Don't get upset when I don't rematch you or make things go your way, I am not your stress ball.

-Cheers, I must keep my account fresh and prepare for amazing upgrades and updates. Thanks again, happy chessing!!!!

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