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Hi plz plz join my club

this is how we organize it for members

Welcome to the club.


also mostly use chatroom for chatting and chatroom is here 

We are glad to have @coach-bill and @GMchessrob and @bgabor91 and @eneasz  in our club.also we are glad to have others also here.

link to a game

here are some jobs yu can get jsut click the picture below

learn here how magnus carlsen beat bill gates in 9 moves
post your games here
become better at daily chess 

see coach-bill yutube channel

complete this lesson 
Also invite for our club
subscribe to @theforeverking great channel which is
take lessons from a fm too 
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Hope yu join us . We have free video lessons from a nm and coach coach bill one of the most famous coaches on

So join us and have fun

Still not convinced click Here


The golden legendary chess players

Join us at the great minds 


this is how we organize it for members

Welcome to the Great Minds

|Welcoming committee  is here| Rules is here. |Contact us here.| Club settings is here.| Suggestion box is here. |Daily puzzle is here. | Advertise here

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InfoUpcoming Events

|Welcoming committee  is here| Rules is here. |Contact us here.| Club settings is here.| Suggestion box is here. |Daily puzzle is here.

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We hope you would join us. A club with plenty of matches and arena tournaments.

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My best friends are

@Subtlehues84 jane


And many more

Also thx Thx for visiting my profile

We are partying this week 

Here is a excicing feature in our club

What is chess to me ? 

Chess is a game which increases your focus to me people learn from it

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A  true friend is a person who helps his friends first. And then moves on


i love chatting with new friends