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My name is (you dont get to know) and I live in (you dont get to know) I am (you dont get to know) years old. You are warmly welcomed to look at my profile. I am the Founder of NSPRCL(Not-So Pro Random Chess League) which will eventually be a very active league.

Plz Join the League: account username: Superstargod

Super Adopted(25 wins in a row):


Adopted(10 wins in a row):

@ScobbleLotcher 30 sec

@chessboy2009 30 sec

@peaper27 30 sec

Chickens(people that ran after 5 or more wins):

@NubbyCheeseKing(6 wins) 10 sec

Adopted By(10 Losses in a row):

@joseph7505 30 sec

Half or More Adopted(5 - 9 wins in a row):

@NubbyCheeseKing 6 wins 10 sec

@Moonwarrior_1 6 wins 10 sec

Half or More Adopted By(5 - 9 losses in a row):

@Bored_2_Death (6 wins) 30 sec

My Blog:

I will be posting something on my blog every week. 

Rating Goals by the End of 2022:

Blitz: 1400

Bullet: 1600

Puzzles: 2200

Puzzle Rush 3 Min: 27

Puzzle Rush 5 Min: 30

Puzzle Rush Survival: 35

Rapid: 1400

Daily:  1100

Bughouse: 1300

3 Check: 1500

King of the Hill: 1500

Crazyhouse: 1500

Live 960: 1400