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About me 

Hello there! 
I am Swayams Mishra aged 27, from Bhubaneswar,India. I am a Grandmaster and I am playing chess since the past 21 years and having been coaching from 9 years. My fide profile is ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=5028183. I am also a FIDE TRAINER since 2018.
Do message me here or via email - swayams2150@gmail.com for coaching offers or leagues. 

Teaching Experience

Being a Fide Trainer,I have a rich experience of all levels,both online & over the board. 
Within the Last 1 year, 2 of my students completed their IM title. 5 Commonwealth Medals, 3 Asian Medals.

I have successfully organised 2 camps in Bhubaneswar. 

  • My student - Sai Agni J became an IM - you can read more about it here - goo.gl/Ercv7o
  • One of my major student is - 16 year old Sankalp Gupta, who was 1900s when I started in 2015 end, and now a IM , National Champion of India in U-15 2018 ,Commonwealth U-14 Silver & Asian U-16 Silver in 2018. goo.gl/5jcvAy
  • Another of my online student become an FM in Olympiad after 6months of sessions.
  • An online student - Vishwa Shah - silver medalist in U-20 Girls Commonwealth Chess 2019.
  • An online student - Srishti Pandey - bronze medalist in U-18 Girls Commonwealth Chess 2019
  • Manish Kumar has won Commonwealth U-14 bronze medal in 2018, Indian National U-13 4th Rank in 2019.
  • Also I train a WGM who has been performing well after few months of training.
  • Apart from this I am training with several youngsters from India, who have been increasing 100+ elo regularly. 
  • Also I have experience of a coaching camp in a club in Turkey & for Odisha chess association

Best Skills

My main strengths are Endgame,Strategy & help to improve Calculations.
I can help you in building/choosing an opening repertoire which is well suited to your style./or teach you a particular opening with great understanding & depth. 
Also I like to work on tactics/calculations.

Target Students

  • 1800-2200 (Intermediate)
  • 2200-2500 (Advance)
  • Above 2400 - Can consider to help for a tournament/work as a second.

Teaching Methodology

I am interested for serious students who want really want to improve their chess. 
My plan for coaching is simple- 
If you already have a topic to work on, it will be easier for me else I will ask you to send me the games before we start. (Last 3 months tournament games)Then I will build a plan of our work, including improving openings, studying classical games, endgames and more.

1. Work upon those topics in class
2. Give homework to practice/solve - which will be discussed in the next class
3. Will send some material regarding that to study and gain knowledge.

Session Timings

Either it can be 1 or 1and half sessions or else 20 hrs course.In a 20 hrs private lessons,We will cover 3hrs on opening,3hrs on endgame,7hrs on positional & 7hrs on calculations or it can be done upon the requirement of the student..

I live in India(+5:30 UTC), and prefer classes either in noon or late evening(my time). 

I am available to play long training games with analysis.Also possible to request to play in specific opening/typical positions or structures.

Additional Support

1. I can help you to chose wisely which tournaments to play, guide you during the tournament with suggestions.
2. If you are not very acquainted with Chessbase, I can help you to understand how to use the tool in the right way.
3. At times,I will be providing additional material, helpful to improve general chess knowledge/help you to improve as a player.
4. Psychology & being motivated is very important for a chess player. I will do my best to help you in these two aspects. 
5. Fast Communication by Messenger/Skype even during tournaments.


The prices vary depending upon the level of the students & the type of work.

General Prices - 

  • 1hr session - 50$
  • 90mins session - 70$
  • 20hr session - 800$
  • Training games (includes analysis) - 35$ per game 
  • COMPLETE MENTORING - Can discuss about this in details if interested.
  • Group Session/Camp - I have done several camps. Prices depends upon the details,please write to me about this

Payment Methods

I accept Paypal,Western Union, Transferwise & Bank Transfer. I would prefer Transferwise as its easier,and more convenient. 

Contact Me

Do message me here or via email - swayams2150@gmail.com for further details.