Oct 29, 2007
Last Online
Nov 14, 2008
I am a full time student with day and night classes. I work twenty hours a week as a waitress and I play softball for a hobby. I also play the guitar and sing. I believe I'm going to be and English major with a minor in Philosophy. I love to be around people. My friends tell me that I'm the motherly figure of the group. hahaha. I think about a lot of things but most of all I think about school and stress over things i don't need to stress about. So, I'm an OCD waitress who loves music and philosophy. Is that a good sum up of all that I said. I started playing about 5 months ago because my boyfriend finally talked me into it. The first game I played against him I won. Then lost all the others up until the last game. I don't really know much, I mean I know the basics but haven't figured out a strategy or anything. I don't really know about players and I haven't played in a tournament. I like to play because it can buy time till I have to do something else. Plus, I also like to challenge my mind. Since I learned I talked two of my friends into playing and I'm trying to get a chess club started at my College.