I love chess. I love it so much that playing the game is not enough. I also need to promote it. This is why I arrange chess tourneys as much as I can. There was a time where I organized OTB events. One never knows, I may return to it. 

But for now, I am arranging online tourneys via the '' Slow LIVE Chess Association '' here, on ChessDotCom. It gives me the opportunity to play longer games with increment.

Incidentally I think ChessDotCom have been blundering in a terrible way since they cancelled Time Control G45|45 and replaced it with the deceptive G60|0. This is like going backward 50 years while making all those new post-pandemic chess enthusiastics believe that this is real chess. That it is normal to lose a game up a piece or a full rook. It's time to rehabilitate G45|45, and even cancel G60|0.

Some may ask: '' Ok, but what are you doing on ChessDotCom as a Diamond member? '' The dull answer is that ChessDotCom is the best chess site in the world. Period. And I strongly support their efforts in providing a clean and safe environment dedicated to chess. Moreover, they answered '' present! '' when organizers like me found themselves with no place to set-up  chess events during the pandemic. That will never be forgotten by me.

As a chess player, I'm a 1.e4 player as White, while I typically use the KID set-up when facing 1.d4 as Black. I try to focus on squares rather then only on the material. As many players, it happens too often that I gain an advantage but fail to find a path to the win. Also, I get lost if I'm not better after the opening

Sylvain Courtemanche; AKA zugzwang67