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Hi, my name is Milosz Szpar and I am a chess player with 14 years of experience.

I am also an International Master, and have achieved many accomplishments throughout my chess career, including being the Polish Junior Chess Champion under 18.

My FIDE rating is 2447.

Polish Chess Championship

I also have a successful streaming career. I started streaming chess 2 years ago, and have had both ups and downs but I have a set up a club for my viewers on, which you can find at this link: .

Club Page

I also make daily content on my youtube channel -

YT Page

As a coach, I have been helping chess players to improve since 2016. Many of my students have gone on to become Polish Junior Champions in their age group.


I am dedicated to helping my students achieve their full potential and enjoy the game of chess. I am also an avid chess coach and enjoy teaching the game to others, especially to beginners.

I believe that chess is a great way to improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. In addition to chess,

I also enjoy staying active and healthy. I regularly go to the gym, swim, and box.


My current goal is to achieve the Grandmaster title and to participate in a chessboxing event. I am always looking for new opponents to play against and to improve my game. If you're interested in playing a game with me, feel free to send me a challenge on

If you're looking for a coach, please don't hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help you reach your chess goals. 

My business mail: