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I am a male programing/space nerd I can code Python and HTML very well, along with Javascript. I do robotics (obv lol), football, track, wrestling, and may do cross country soon.  I am also funny and VERY loyal to my friends, my favorite book series are wings of fire, rangers apprentice and enders game.

Probably my best game https://www.chess.com/game/d2695384-1c0b-11ee-90b8-97ef8a01000f

Luckiest game: https://www.chess.com/game/daily/527062949 (if you check their profile they are a 2000 rapid and have played more than 1000 games so I would say its pretty rare for them to make a mistake like this)

psst dm me the word tomato 

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Credit to @tinPK for upgrading my pfp to this pfp, used it for a bit but I like the original more

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