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4PC awesome: I started to play chess since I was 5 years old and still to this days I daily play chess!!

of course, I need some time also not to be focused on chess all the time but I play a lot.

I am rated 1200 but I have beaten players rated up to 1600 but I can't show a game link cuz I played in physical and with the pandemic still around all the world, physical matches really can't be done.

Chess at first might seem simple, 2 players battle to checkmate king right? but I now present you 4PC (4 Player Chess)

in 4pc you battle with 3 players instead of 1 in a much larger board.

Pieces are still the same (in most cases). The pawn, the knight, the bishop, the rook, the queen, and the king are all present there.

material is handled differently because the board is so large, bishops are now slightly better than rooks, knights are overrated, bishops are OP same for queens and kings, welp stay the same.

One very interesting thing is that castling is sometimes more unsafe than staying in the center with your king because then the other side can push pawns and destroy your king safety. (spacially knights are annoying in those situations).

now when I said "Pieces are still the same in most cases" I was refering to... FAIRY PIECES

these pieces are much more powerful than normal ones but can some are even weaker than a pawn! if you want to learn more click on this link: https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/the-fairy-pieces-introduction that is (not a rickroll trust me) it is a awesome forum made by @ChimpReturns where he/she explains all the fairy pieces, how they move, their notation, and much more about the OP chess pieces.

so that is basically 4PC my favorite mode where I reached my highest rating ever in teams (1933) inside top 370 worldwide!! in FFA also where I am (1924) and ranking #1837 because much more people play that but at least im in top 2000 worldwide happy.png

so that's it hope you learned about 4PC a little if you are new.

and off the topic please join my new club, "Variants are Cool" via this link .