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Jean-Marc Ricci

Strasbourg, France
Oct 28, 2008
Last Login
Mar 21, 2013

My blitz games (about 200 ( 20 (19 losses and a draw are from somebody I gave my pseudo for one day) are on Playchess (pseudos #Mongault# or The #The Wind#)

Two of my best games are on the thread http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/mongault-1381---zoranp-2704

My fatherI learned mechess wat the age of 4.

By the time he was nearly each year  the town's champion odf Saint-Avold 57 France.

In 1995 about I played a few games in my father's team (Wolxheim 67120,a small villqge 18 kms of Strasbourg|)

He died in 1997.

I have played about 70 official games in my life.


The three last ones were in Leiden Holland on Friday and Yesterday.


My real name is Jean-Marc Ricci.

I lost three and had a bye. So I have now 0.5 points.

During the games I take pictures and videos so I don't play my best.

In the last game my oopponent made an illegal move castling as he could'nt. So the arbitre told him to make another move with his king. I was a little upset and angry because I play only blitz and in blitz illegal move is a loss. So I gave my queen for nothing and lost the game.

Jan Smeets GMI (today 4/4 in Leinden Noteboom tournament) told me I have to know the rules and of course agreed with the arbitre's decision.

Illegal move should cause you a loss according to me.
Do you have an opinion? 



Before had been 3 games with the Chess Club of |Strasbourg in 1996 (about)

Before was in Lyon open 1995 about 9 games.

Before was in the France Compte (France|) 9 games about. I got  a prize or players under 1800. I played with 3 MI (0/3)

Before was in Val Thorens France in 1997 about. 8 games. I could have won the second or third prize of Open B, but I could not play the last game as a friend FIDE master had rerequested to go back home for his job (He was an interimaire doorkeeper of an hotel)

Before I plqyedm about 5 games out of 9 in Strasbourg Chrismats Tournament in 1995. I stopped the tournament as I was tired.

Aftwer that I played in 1978 (1979?) the Ostern tournment of Strasbourg. 
I made 1-0 the first game and I lost the secondf game against the german MI winner of the previous year. 

After 40 moves I had a goofd position and m clock indicated that I had used 40 minutes and my opponent 120 minutes.
An old french champion told me than "Your are not bad". This distracted me and immediately after this I lost a quality and lost the game.

My first game abroad was an amical match with the team of Strasbourg against Karsruhe.
I sacrified two pawns an got a probably equal position).
I lost for lack of patience delibarately.


What I have just written helped me to remember my "chess life) - Soi I have been a bit long.

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