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 Hello! I am Tejaswi, I'm from Karnataka in India
Here is my story:
I learnt chess from my dad when I was 9 years old. Then I played 1 game each day without fail with my dad for an year(My dad had learnt no strategy and had the strength of a 1200 [chess.com rating] by playing when he was younger. ) .

Then I attended a local chess academy and learnt basics. Then I was equal as my dad in strength. Then I reached 1200 (in chess.com) and then attended advance coaching in the academy and then, after years of hard work, I am here at  1500 spiking up to get to 2000.
I am also running my own chess club at chess.com: 
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I also write blogs:

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And also recently, I have learnt computer programming (Code Blocks): (Click on Scratch logo)

My Favourite song:

That's all about me, Thank you for reading my profile!

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