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Craig Keeton
Ashland, Virginia, United States
Feb 18, 2008
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3 hrs ago
Supporting member since Mar 16, 2008

My chess history is pretty basic.  I've never taken a lesson, never played in a live tournament.  I just like to play.  I got my first chess set at 10 - a miniture to travel with.  So I learned in the car.

I got serious about playing better when in college.  And I played with a friend who, at first, was much better than me.  We played 50-50 chess when college ended, but I still can't tell you which square is 1 or 8, A or H.  

I joined chess.com when my son moved away from home and challenged me to play.  We've had about 175 games online since then and I've had the privilege of playing chess players from all levels all over the world - a little over a thousand to date.  What a gas!

I do wish I knew more about openings and strategies and do like the lesson options on the site.  But it's like math or languages for me.  I just can't keep it in my head.  So I play by feel.  Not the best strategy, but I have fun.

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