ThatMagnetMan Moderator

Member of the site since 2018 at the age 15! Now 21. And 2100 on in the rapid pool! (For now anyway.) I've achieved the rating of 1700 otb and am working on improving both in online and tournament play!

I'm working on being a content creator on both youtube and twitch and have been trying to be a positive member of the community keeping this site fun to be on! Helping out on the mod team since October 24th 2023 and plan to help for a pretty long time! I also help moderate the discord too and am active in the community over there.

As for chess accomplishments I've coached only a handful of students but have seen great progress with all of them! Also in the past I used to volunteer at a high school to help their chess club which is fun! I've considered doing more of that type of work in the future if my schedule permits. I love helping members and seeing progress of others!

At the start of my journey I was a mere 700 it's hard to even remember it and now I'm in the 2k+ club in all time controls (at least for peaks! Which is super exciting.) If you ever have a question don't feel shy about asking always happy to help!