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I'm a chess player, coach, and student;  I love the game and want to improve along with others!

If you are interested in coaching, just email me at

Here is some information about my coaching:

My name is Justin Storn

Rates: Currently $50 an hour


  • 2023 Ohio Chess Champion
  • National Master!
  • Youngest ever Cincinnati Chess Champion
  • Channel 9 wrote an article about me here
  • 3-time Ohio Grade Level Champion
  • 2-time Queen City Classic Champion
  • 2014 Cincinnati Scholastic Chess Champion
  • Tied for 4th at the National Grade Level Championship in Orlando
  • and more

I can look through the student's games, figure out their weaknesses, and work on a plan from there. I would love to help serious students who wish to improve by creating a formal study plan among other things. 


Here is what I can cover with students:

  • Opening theory
  • Opening ideas
  • Preparation
  • Tactics
  • Strategical ideas
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Endgames
  • Tournament psychology