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Baby in the Toilet
InaToilet, United States
Aug 29, 2017
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2 hrs ago
PLEASE READ MY WHOLE PROFILE, ITS NOT THAT LONG. IF YOU GIVE ME a number of trophies, you'll get that amount plus 1 back.(you give 1, you get 2, give 8, get 9. No lies.)btw, plz don't take my profile pic seriously
it's from a vine try not to laugh challenge

 Chess24: Bemyguestblob

Lichess: WEDABEST and LOLPrezGamer101

(I stream on Twitch and make vids on Youtube on chess and other stuff plz leave a follow or sub. My other youtube channel is called PrezForLife plz check that out too!)

Hello!This is the only thing I specialize in, saying hello!Just trying to give u a laugh before getting to this next part.....



I am MeforChessPresident(well at least the soul of him).1st things 1st, I did not cheat. My account got closed for some false accusations.Of Cheating. But I and a Chess.com support staff member worked it all out via e-mail. It was a misunderstanding. so plz don't accuse me of cheating(Ahem @chessguy1012) when I didn't. I decided to start fresh with this account.If you don't believe this, I honestly don't care, but this time I ain't going anywhere.


The chess.com rating I was on my first game of each variant is 1200

Goals: (number on end is where it is in my rating priority list)

USCF: Get 200+ more rating points in 4 months(Starting 9/10/17)#1

FIDE: Get 300+ more rating points in 6 months(Starting 9/10/17)#2

Bullet: Get to 2200 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#4

Blitz: Get to 2100 in 4 months(Starting 9/10/17)#14

Tactics: Get to 2300 in 6 months(Starting 9/10/17)#3

Daily: Get to 1900 in 2 months(Starting 9/10/17)#15

Lessons: Get to 2000 in 1 month(Starting 10/10/17)#16(Failed the first time)

Rapid: Get to 2000 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#13

Daily 960: Get to 1600 in 2 months(Starting 9/10/17)#18

Live 960: Get to 1800 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#17

Three-Check: Get to 2000 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#19

KOTH: Get to 2100 in 4 months(Starting 9/10/17)#20

CrazyHouse(ZH): Get to 2000 in 3 months (Starting 9/10/17)#12

BugHouse: Get to 2100 in 5 months(Starting 9/10/17)#11

Trophies:50 trophies in 4 months(Starting 9/10/17)#10

Four-way chess: Get to 1700 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#21

Friends:200 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#6

Clubs:300 in 2 months (Starting 9/10/17)#9

Views:5000 in 1 month (Starting 11/10/17)#5(Passed first goal 2000_

Followers:200 in 3 months(Starting 9/10/17)#7

Points:5000 in 5 months(Starting 9/10/17)#8



Pop music



Logan Paul



Milk Chocolate



Video Games




Jake Paul

Dark chocolate



Easy stuff

If I keep going, this is gonna be LONG.



 The 2nd place NSPCL Season 3 trophy for the chess dominators, assuming we didn't get 1st if the leaders didn't make FALSE cheating ACCUSATIONS!!!!!!

Wow, you have reached the end of my profile!Here's a cookie!


random fact: I'm a vegetarian.I don't eat egg or meat or fish but I do eat cheez and drink milk.

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