Hi, I am a 11 year old from India and I love playing chess, it's my favourite game. I am mostly online at 9 pm to 11 pm(Indian standard time)(GMT+5:30). I always wait for a 10+0 rapid game, so if you see me online, drop a challenge! You may check out my new club here! You may also check out my blog here, I'm on a break currently though. I'm not writing articles and blogs currently but I'm accepting incoming daily game challenges and friend requests, I'm also a good playmate if you're looking for one (1200-1550 rating on Feel free to send a note or a message to me as well, I reply to most of them even if they're silly questions but don't expect me to reveal my personal info. So, let's look at some of my amazing victories and achievements in chess (The Showcase).

Some of my good victories:-

GM Sergei Zhigalko :

GM Namig Guliev :

FM Janusz Koscielski :

FM Christian Bussard :

NM Braeden Hart :

NM Angelo Estebar :

Anon. Dutch NM :

WFM Jenny Leveikina :

IM Levy Rozman's bot :

WFM Alexandra Botez's bot :

GM Eric Hansen's bot :

Scroll down for more! wink.png

My achievements:

Killer Pawn:

That's a good trap wink.png

Killer Knight:

That's also a good trap wink.png

Killer Bishop:

Ah! The power of the bishop pair! happy.png

Killer Rook:

That's a basic endgame checkmate! happy.png

Killer Queen:

That's the first game I won on happy.png

Killer King, I finally did it:

But I had to troll the poor bot in order to achieve that wink.png

En Passant Victory:

Attack your opponent very aggresively when he plays the Bongcloud to troll you happy.png

Nick Of Time:

Here, I won by flagging my opponent but I also had less than a second! happy.png

A very epic endgame when I was on time pressure (less than 20 seconds) and I premoved and won the game with 1.5 seconds left😱 :

More updates coming soon happy.png