Hello there, fellow human. You must live on Earth. I live in the wonderful land of America. 

I like these people:


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My Clubs! (And clubs I am running)

Chess960 *Official Club*, 3600+ Members

World Chess Federation, 900+ Members

Minecraft Club, 500+ Members

The Chess Boys, 300+ Members

A Club for Chess, 200+ Members

The Chess Academy, 100+ Members

All Free Chess Club, 100+ Members

The Morning Chess Club, 90+ Members:

The April Fools Tricksters, 80+ Members

Wesley So Fans, 50+ Members

The Learner's Hub, 50+ Members

Cool Peeps; Come here to be cool!, 30+ Members

The Pizza Club, 30+ Members

Legends of the Board, 30+ Members

Thank you for joining: