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LANCE Granum
Clovis California, United States
Jun 14, 2011
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Nov 21, 2014

I learned to play chess when i was 4 i was on the chess team through highschool  and then stoped playing then in my early 20s i played with a friend i have not played for about 30 years but want to keep my mind sharp because of an injury i am on lots of pain meds and need to stimulate my brain i found chess.com on the androind market i play on chessbuddies but wanted more serious players and looked till i found this site through the android app i wanted to learn the openings i knew as a child and am reelearning them now i love the skill builders and i play mostly from my droid gallexy tab i like to play those that are better than i so i am taking a beating now but that is how to learn feel free to add me as a friend i am home all day and play mostly online games I am lookinig into a live game should be fun

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