Apr 13, 2018
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18 min ago

Ahhh....Halloween....Thee Most Wonderful Time of the Year !

It is with hilarious pleasure that I list my favorite chessplayer names happy.png....ahunkahunkalumpaluv, I Can't Feel My Face, Count Shasta, Blunder I Will, Mama Ooh Mao Mao, Feed Your Frankenstein, Chesstrogen, Grateful Bones, Macabre Doorknob, Pom Pom Girl, Tweedle Dumb, Faces in the Shroud, Pigignorant, Bottom Ramen, Oh Humanity, Wild Ginger, Bwain Twust, Hoosier Daddy, Chesstosterone, Tim Buk Tooth, Baron Von Chessthofen, Round Mound of Love, Nyuk Nyuk, My Inter Face, Darrell Licked, Napolean Blownapart, Natural Patzer, Warren Out, & the list grows !

I like people like the twinklet Julia Butters, Neal Cassady, Leigh Nash, anyone on rollerskates, surfer John John, gumcrackers, Bic Runga, Hilma af Klint, My Queen Catherine de' Medici, necropolis curators, George Michael, Boy George, boyfriend three, Obituary Mary, Cookie, Babber, the Maid of Orleans, Jackson Pollock, undertakers, overgivers, tiki bartenders, Meghan Trainor, Spongebob, the drummer Ronald Joseph Cote, Ju Wenjun, Beauchene skullcrafters, ruth weiss, Lise Tre'hot....u know, people like that.